Eat in

Stay and enjoy

Bruschetta at eatEggs Benedict with fresh hollandaise for breakfast, bruschettas for brunch, warm filled focaccia for lunch with hearty soup on the side. Maybe a glass of organic wine or a refreshing hand crafted beer.

Bespoke sandwiches – made fresh daily, of course – homemade pizzas, Italian sausage rolls, our own recipe lasagne.

Or for dinner perhaps a selection of fresh and light salads, a Spanish deli platter to share, or a treat from our specials board … there's lots to choose from.

And to finish, a cup of the best coffee in town. And then of course, there are the cakes …

Which one will you choose?



Deli menu


Cake heaven

"Paralysed by the choice of cakes, we ate far too many. This sort of decision is torture. How do you choose between a wantonly gooey coconut sponge with cream cheese topping and the carrot cake, all moist and cinnamony?

"That's not even considering the monumental chocolate cake, with its shiny, drippy Sachertorte-style coating. It was an equally tough call to decide between a textbook bakewell tart and pears and amarena cherries, set in a moist almandine-filled crust."

Joanna Blythman, Sunday Herald restaurant review, May 3 2009