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Over the years eat deli has established quite a reputation. We have a loyal, lovely and very valued set of regulars who come for the coffee, for the food, for the ambience, the organic wine and the hand crafted beers,and for the welcome by staff who know their name and just how they like their coffee; new faces seek us out or stumble upon us, drawn in by the abundance of food on offer, the colours and aromas, the buzz of conversation, the expectation of finding something new and exciting.

Coffee at eat deli, clarkstonA trip to Eat is a sensory journey: cafe, patisserie, deli, food shop, takeaway. Our deli counter is packed with exciting, innovative, fresh and delicious food. It's colourful, fresh and inviting, brimming with food made with care and integrity.

Since opening in 2002, a lot has changed, yet our founding principles remain the same. We always use the best-quality fresh, natural ingredients – no compromise. We would no doubt make more profit if we cut costs and cut corners, but that would go against the grain, and our customers would no doubt vote with their feet if they found the quality of our food anything less than that which they have come to know and love.

Eat deli, clarkstonOur chefs work hard to create dishes which excite, bringing up trays and plates piled heavy with their creations. The wealth of food creates a conversation and a buzz amongst the customers as they decide which dish to have that evening, which bread and cakes to choose, which desserts to enjoy.

We are passionate about good food. Many of our suppliers are small-scale, artisan producers who make wonderful things and care passionately about their product. That's why we work with them.

We love stocking and selling such amazing food. It's what motivates us and is what our customers have come to expect from us – and it's what makes eat deli such a special place.


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The critic's verdict

"Late afternoon on a Saturday, we popped into Eat for a cuppa and to check out the cakes … but ended up buying dinner.

"Deciding was hard. Fish pie, coconut lamb curry, goulash, salads, chunky beef and parmesan meatballs – there was quite a selection. Verdict? There wasn't one duffer in the pack."

Joanna Blythman, Sunday Herald restaurant review, May 3 2009

Our accolades

At Eat, we've won a range of titles:

Observer Food Awards: Runner-up, 2008 best cheap eats; runner-up, 2009 best independent store; runner-up, 2010 best cheap eats

The List Hit List: 2007-08, one of Glasgow's best takeaways; 2009/10, one of Glasgow's best cafes

Local Food Hero 2009: nominated

Homes & Interiors Scotland 2009: Best lunchtime deli stop

Gary Rhodes Local Food Hero, 2008: Top 20

Booker Prize, 2004: Best independent food shop